Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Normal and Viral services?

Normal services contain accounts that do less engagement on the platform and has a good amount of algorithmic score. Whereas, Viral services are specially designed services for the current algorithm of the platform and which includes accounts that are perfectly active and have a better algorithmic score which eventually helps your content go viral. Also, Viral services are delivered faster than Normal ones and they also include a free PowerBloom service (for Instagram) which increases the exposure of your content before delivering. This helps in making your content reach the top on hashtags and in the algorithmic score.

How quickly do likes/comments/saves/views arrive?

For instagram services, they usually comes between a minute after posting to 1 hour because Instagram algorithm allows a much larger window (for judging if a post should go viral) after the 2020 update and we also tested it on various different accounts. For other services, they depends on your service delivery time.

How do I know groism services have boosted my account/content?

When your Groism service is on-goining, you can check the post or account insights which will usually result in an increase in the stats. We recommend to keep a check on the post or account insights before & during the Groism service.

Do I need to give my password?

Nope. We don't require the password for the account you want service on and we never will. So if someone tells you that they want your password for your Groism service, then they must not be from Groism and potentially a scammer. If you are using Telegram bots or services that require your password, we recommend to change your password ASAP as that could damage your account.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Subscription based services are on auto-renewal but you can cancel anytime and your services will continue till the end of the subscription date.

When does the time reset for daily posts?

Time resets at 12 am CET.

I am not receiving equal amount of likes/views on each post, Why?

If you get same amount of like on each post, platform will detect that and that's a sign of non-organic engagement which could harm your account in future and that's why you'll see the engagement number vary with each of your content on which Groism service has been used.

Will I guarantee go viral with viral services?

Well, it's not those good old days where you post almost anything and you'll go viral. But we have taken measures which helps us to be not detected by the platform and it's algorithm. This ensures that when Groism service is delivered, the platform will see those as organic engagement and if all the things align from content to hashtags, your post possibilty of going viral will be very high as compared to those post who use some regular service. However, don't expect all the post to go viral as Groism services are not the decision maker, it's always the platform's algorithm.

I see no improvement with Groism services, Why?

Well, we are no wizards and our services are no magic wands which will magically improve your insights. Assume you're an athlete and your goal is to win the race. You've bought the best energy drink and you drink it everyday but you don't do any practise or hardly put any effort. Now you hope that by drinking everyday you'll win the race eventually. But that didn't work out and you blame the energy drink and you want your money back. Consider Groism services as the energy drink and the race as your growth goals. You have to put effort into making and shaping your content and stategy for the services to put energy into it. We all can clearly understand that your efforts decide how much improvement you'll get on your content/account. There are a number of things you could be doing wrong and we recommend to look at those tips in our future blog posts.